On the G20 summit in Hamburg

Dear friends of Radical Bookfair Hamburg,

it’s been awkwardly silent on this page, and as we see people keep checking our site it may be time to write a few words. As you probably know by now we have the pleasure of having the G20 meeting quasi on our doorstep in July, or as the local media does not become tired to emphasize, „a stones throw away of autonomous social center Rote Flora“.
The Radical Bookfair collective invites you to come down to Hamburg for protesting against the world of all the Merkels, Trumps, Erdogans and their colleagues. We all know the implementations of trying to save a rotten system: an ever-increasing wealth gap; further destruction of natural resources; expropriations; displacements; political repression; war… the list is ongoing and reasons to protest are plentiful.
The G20 is of course just a symbolic culmination of these policies, a display of power. It is because they’re aware of the power of images that the local and national government decide to hold this summit in the center of Hamburg, a town known for both it’s wealth but also it’s history in social struggles. It is no accident that the G20 is hold in the heart of „alternative“ Hamburg, opposite of anarchist center LiZ, close to Rote Flora and on the fringes of world famous St. Pauli district.
We all know a system change will not be made within a weekend, but by using all kinds of protests and resistance available to us, we have a decisive impact on exactly this power of images. We can turn this display of power into a PR disaster.
A good overview of protests during the week of the G20 meeting can be found on this site: http://g20hamburg.org.
The Radical Bookfair is a place for sharing thoughts and getting connected; now is the time for action!

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Last workshop tonight

The last workshop of the Radical Bookfair weeks 2016 is starting in a few hours in Fabrique/Gängeviertel. Don’t miss Noelia Pérez’ talk on Autoethnography and the presentation of her book After The Fire. https://radicalbookfairhamburg.wordpress.com/additional-program/

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Thank you!

We want to say thanks to everyone who came to the bookfair and contributed to lively discussions, to everyone who helped in any way (shifts, donations, cooking, carrying and cleaning stuff, building up and down etc. etc.) and to all the stalls, workshop holders, artists and bands! 2016s Radical Bookfair was great for us as a collective, we hope you all felt the same!

Of course, the Radical Bookfair weeks are not yet over, as the Collective Book Exhibition in Gängeviertel/Fabrique will be open until this Friday, and we’ll have two more talks (also in Gängeviertel Fabrique) on the 14th (tomorrow!) and the final concluding workshop on Friday, June 17th. See you there or at the next bookfair!

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Radical Bookfair day 2

Doors are opening now for day two of radical bookfair 2016. Café libertad is busy on the coffee maker so get up and come down.
There are two changes to the workshop program: Ihar Alinevich unfortunately didn’t get a visa to come to Germany, but ABC Dresden are still going to present his book “On the way to Magadan” as scheduled.
Wail Qasim couldn’t make it to Hamburg either, his talk on Black Lives Matter is unfortunately cancelled.

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Doors are open

…and breakfast is ready. Bookfair starts now!


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First workshop today!

While most of us are getting the Rote Flora ready for the bookfair tomorrow, the first workshop starts today at 3PM at Gängeviertel:

This workshop takes the collective book “We have seen a video on youtube and it was full of xenophobia” –on display at the Collective Book Exhibition– as its referent. With the objective of producing a collective book with texts and images in one afternoon, we invite you to come around and bring news covers, advertisement, pictures of Charity and Human Rights campaigns, printouts of television-stills, and whatever material related to the violence of the migratory control system. During the workshop we want to cut this imagery into pieces in order to create new pictures while critically reflecting on notions like racism, eurocentrism, or coloniality. The workshop also includes Daniela’s ongoing effort to visibilise the responsibles who profit from the violent migratory control system, and the final goal is to produce a collective book which we will reproduce for Radical Bookfair at Rote Flora, where everybody will have the opportunity to bind it at our stand.

Language: English (German and Spanish translation possible)


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Don’t forget to bring your used books!

Don’t forget to bring your used books for the freebox/book swap! We want to have a not-for-profit option at the bookfair, for this we will provide a space where you can bring your old books and take new ones with you. This only works if a lot of people know about it, so spread the word and bring your books from Friday, 7 PM!

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Radical Bookfair weeks starting now!

The collective book exhibition in Gängeviertel is now open with the first talk by Daniela Ortiz about colonialism about to start.  The exhibition will be open from 4-7 pm the following days, and from 8-11pm on Saturday to match with the bookfair party happening in the same place. Get some impressions from the exhibition below or, better, come along and see it with your own eyes!





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Siebdruck/Screen printing @ Radical Bookfair

Rote Flora’s own screen printing workshop will be open during the bookfair with a variety of designs (some bookfair-related) to chose from. We will have organic and fair trade shirts for sale, that we will print your design of choice on. Alternatively, you can of course bring your own piece of laundry for us to print on!

Die Siebdruckwerkstatt der Roten Flora wird während der Buchmesse geöffnet sein und eine Auswahl an Motiven (manche mit Bookfair-Bezug) vor Ort haben. Es gibt Bio/Fair Trade-Shirts zu verkaufen, die mit dem Motiv eurer Wahl bedruckt werden können. Natürlich könnt ihr aber auch ein eigenes Stück Wäsche mitbringen, dass wir dann für euch bedrucken!

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Programmhefte/Program leaflets in Hamburg

Physical copies of our program leaflets are available in Hamburg at the following places:
An folgenden Orten in Hamburg liegt ab sofort unser Programmheft aus:

For those of you who are not in Hamburg, you can also download the booklet and print it at home:
Wer nicht in Hamburg ist, kann sich das Heft aber auch hier runterladen und selber ausdrucken:

Radical Bookfair Hamburg Program

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