The following three exhibitions will be included directly at the bookfair.
Please also check the BOOKFAIR WEEK at Fabrique/Gängeviertel, where three more exhibitions will be shown between June 07th an 17th!!

Die folgenden drei Ausstellungen werden direkt auf der Buchmesse ausgestellt sein.
Checkt auch die BOOKFAIR WEEK in der Fabrique im Gängeviertel, wo im Zeitram 07.-17. Juni drei weitere Ausstellungen zu sehen sein werden!

MADE IN SPAIN. Imprisoned Seamstresses

Sewing is the usual labour (together with make-up and hair-dressing) in many of the Women’s prisons of the Spanish State. The prisoners sew the working clothes for imprisoned people and for the prison’s staff. Increasingly, however prisoners do work for private companies, too, who have discovered a very lucrative set up by moving their production behind the prison walls. Cheap labour goes hand in hand with the benefit of being able to announce the finished products as “Made in Spain”. In times of an increasing awareness of the working conditions of the production exported outside Europe, this can help to polish a company’s image. With this strategy they are hiding that MADE IN SPAIN can be a synonym for prison-sewed. In other words: the label hides the stories of imprisoned seamstresses, silenced in the name of “social reintegration”. This exhibition and zine project started out of the necessity of some prisoners to talk about their working conditions in Spanish Women’s prisons, a testimony that outside the walls we started to put into a historical context on prison-work based on a gender perspective…

From both sides of the prison walls, Spain 2013/2015

The Spring of Women in Rojava

Photo exhibition about the Foundation of Free Women of Rojava, the situation on site and the concept of Democratic Confederalism.



MEXICO BRONCO – Gráfica en Resistencia

A collaboration of several Mexican radical art projects, consisting of screen prints, lino cuts, drawings and more, all with strong political messages about the situation in Mexico and beyond. With works from NegroSemilla, Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del 68, Mujeres Grabando Resistencias, Vlocke, Tetera Teapot, Crex Maniak and Cucalaca.