On the G20 summit in Hamburg

Dear friends of Radical Bookfair Hamburg,

it’s been awkwardly silent on this page, and as we see people keep checking our site it may be time to write a few words. As you probably know by now we have the pleasure of having the G20 meeting quasi on our doorstep in July, or as the local media does not become tired to emphasize, „a stones throw away of autonomous social center Rote Flora“.
The Radical Bookfair collective invites you to come down to Hamburg for protesting against the world of all the Merkels, Trumps, Erdogans and their colleagues. We all know the implementations of trying to save a rotten system: an ever-increasing wealth gap; further destruction of natural resources; expropriations; displacements; political repression; war… the list is ongoing and reasons to protest are plentiful.
The G20 is of course just a symbolic culmination of these policies, a display of power. It is because they’re aware of the power of images that the local and national government decide to hold this summit in the center of Hamburg, a town known for both it’s wealth but also it’s history in social struggles. It is no accident that the G20 is hold in the heart of „alternative“ Hamburg, opposite of anarchist center LiZ, close to Rote Flora and on the fringes of world famous St. Pauli district.
We all know a system change will not be made within a weekend, but by using all kinds of protests and resistance available to us, we have a decisive impact on exactly this power of images. We can turn this display of power into a PR disaster.
A good overview of protests during the week of the G20 meeting can be found on this site: http://g20hamburg.org.
The Radical Bookfair is a place for sharing thoughts and getting connected; now is the time for action!

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