Radical Bookfair weeks starting now!

The collective book exhibition in Gängeviertel is now open with the first talk by Daniela Ortiz about colonialism about to start.  The exhibition will be open from 4-7 pm the following days, and from 8-11pm on Saturday to match with the bookfair party happening in the same place. Get some impressions from the exhibition below or, better, come along and see it with your own eyes!





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Siebdruck/Screen printing @ Radical Bookfair

Rote Flora’s own screen printing workshop will be open during the bookfair with a variety of designs (some bookfair-related) to chose from. We will have organic and fair trade shirts for sale, that we will print your design of choice on. Alternatively, you can of course bring your own piece of laundry for us to print on!

Die Siebdruckwerkstatt der Roten Flora wird während der Buchmesse geöffnet sein und eine Auswahl an Motiven (manche mit Bookfair-Bezug) vor Ort haben. Es gibt Bio/Fair Trade-Shirts zu verkaufen, die mit dem Motiv eurer Wahl bedruckt werden können. Natürlich könnt ihr aber auch ein eigenes Stück Wäsche mitbringen, dass wir dann für euch bedrucken!

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Programmhefte/Program leaflets in Hamburg

Physical copies of our program leaflets are available in Hamburg at the following places:
An folgenden Orten in Hamburg liegt ab sofort unser Programmheft aus:

For those of you who are not in Hamburg, you can also download the booklet and print it at home:
Wer nicht in Hamburg ist, kann sich das Heft aber auch hier runterladen und selber ausdrucken:

Radical Bookfair Hamburg Program

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Anarchist Library “Die Sturmflut” at Radical Bookfair 2016

Anarchist library “Die Sturmflut” will bring a selection of their books and a couple of easy chairs, so make yourself at home and who knows? maybe it’s possible to read Emma Goldmanns autobiography in just two days time!


On Sunday afternoon (around 3PM), “Die Sturmflut” will bring their literary evening (usually held in LiZ) to the Radical Bookfair: the idea is to share the idea of freedom in the form of radical literature by having short readings/book presentations chosen by the participants (you!). And as it is Sunday afternoon, why not have some cake with that? If you would like to read a text or present a book, write a short mail to the library collective, or just turn up on time! The only condition is that the text has to have a subversive core or a link to anti-authoritarian ideas or struggles.

You can write the anarchist library at sturmflut@riseup.net


“Propaganda der Tarte” goes radical bookfair

Revolte braucht vieles: Ideen, Waffen, Bücher, Torte…
Um Ideen der Freiheit zu verbreiten und die Schätze in der anarchistischen Bibliothek zugänglich zu machen, werden wir kurze Lesungen und Vorstellungen von anarchistischen und anderen subversiven Büchern hören und dabei Tarte, Torte und Kuchen essen. Wenn du selbst Lust habt, bei einem kommenden Propaganda der Tarte Abend zu lesen, schreib uns eine Mail oder komm einfach vorbei. Einzige Voraussetzung ist, dass dein Text einen subversiven Kern- bzw. einen Bezug zu anti-autoritären Ideen
und Kämpfen hat.

Sonst immer regelmäßig unregelmäßig in der
anarchistischen Bibliothek -Die Sturmflut-
im LiZ (Libertäres Zentrum), Karolinenstr. 21, Hinterhaus, HH, U2-Messehallen
Kontakt: sturmflut@riseup.net

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Workshop Program online

The workshop program is online in English language… German descriptions to follow.

Check the “workshops” tab on top!

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Additional Program at Fabrique/Gängeviertel!

We’re excited to announce that there is going to be an additional program accompanying the Radical Bookfair at Fabrique in Gängeviertel, where also the big Bookfair Party will be held on Saturday night. It consists of more talks, workshops, and exhibitions, all happening between June 07th and 17th. So it looks like our little Bookfair weekend magically turned into 10 full days of program.

Find the full additional program on this page!

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News/Music/Book Swap!

After our last pots we have received many more workshop propositions, so that now we have to announce that we have more (wonderful) ideas that we could possibly fit in the program. So, unfortunately, now more workshop proposals can be considered for the moment. We’re going to publish the full workshop program in the next week!

On a different note, we have decided to have a Book Swap/Freebox during this years bookfair. The idea is very simple: bring your old books, take a new one home! Please spread the word about this so we have a big table/shelf full of free books for everyone to take!

We’re also happy to announce that Anarchist Folk-Trio Sprank from Nijmegen is going to play during the bookfair on Saturday Afternoon, hopefully outside in the sun! This is the self-desription from their blog: “An acoustic folk trio with instruments like clarinet, accordion and a strange “washtub bass”, they lead their varied repertoire of folk-tinged ballads and klezmer waltzes leap to frenzied dance and critical speech.”

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