First workshop today!

While most of us are getting the Rote Flora ready for the bookfair tomorrow, the first workshop starts today at 3PM at Gängeviertel:

This workshop takes the collective book “We have seen a video on youtube and it was full of xenophobia” –on display at the Collective Book Exhibition– as its referent. With the objective of producing a collective book with texts and images in one afternoon, we invite you to come around and bring news covers, advertisement, pictures of Charity and Human Rights campaigns, printouts of television-stills, and whatever material related to the violence of the migratory control system. During the workshop we want to cut this imagery into pieces in order to create new pictures while critically reflecting on notions like racism, eurocentrism, or coloniality. The workshop also includes Daniela’s ongoing effort to visibilise the responsibles who profit from the violent migratory control system, and the final goal is to produce a collective book which we will reproduce for Radical Bookfair at Rote Flora, where everybody will have the opportunity to bind it at our stand.

Language: English (German and Spanish translation possible)


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