2nd Radical Bookfair in Hamburg coming closer

With only 6 weeks to go until the 2nd Bookfair in Hamburg will take place we’re announcing some of the publishers and collectives that will be coming to the Bookfair. Please note that we still have space for stalls and time for workshops, so if you want to get involved with the bookfair, there is still time to do so. Write us at radicalbookfairhamburg@riseup.net


So far we have confirmations from:

  • Assoziation A
  • Unrast Verlag
  • Marta Press
  • Verlag Benario Baum
  • Active Distribution
  • KKUSIUSK (Serbia)
  • ABC Belarus
  • Black Mosquito
  • Bahoe Books (Austria)
  • Gefangenen Info
  • Libertäre Antispe Bergedorf
  • Infoladen Schwarzmarkt
  • Infoshop Stockholm
  • Schanzenbuchladen
  • Hamburg Archive of Social Movements
  • Zine.Napse Münster
  • Kelifer – antiquarischer Buchversand
  • THEO Collective


Workshops will include:

  • Discussion on Anti-Fascism in Germany (including different towns)
  • Bildet euch! Bildet andere! – DIY Bibliothek & Mediathek
  • Bookbinding Workshop
  • Book presentation: “On the way to Magadan” and talk with Ihar Alinevich
  • Neo-Nazism and Antisemitism in the (Ex-)GDR
  • Antifascist Struggles in Serbia
  • Antifascist Movements in France
  • Information about prisons and political prisoners
  • Zine-Making workshop


Also, don’t forget there is going to be a Party on Saturday night. We’ll post more Information about this soon, so far we can happily announce that LaTwal from Paris will be playing their eclectic mix of Punk, Electro and Dub!

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